Hell at our Door Step

The year is 2017.  It is a time if civil unrest in the United States.  People are taking to the streets and flooding the airports  in protest of President Donald Trump’s executive order enhancements, which essentially bans all Citizen coming in from a list of 7 countires established to be “terrorist hotbeds” by former President, after 8 years of waiting for the change we were supposed to believe to only get stuck paying for the whole tab, recent Entitled Millennial Hipster  Establishment martyr, Barack Obama in 2015.

Flogging the Bishop of the Entitled Millennial Hipster Establishment are a largely overlooked yet tirelessly devoted network of  highly trained and but not easily noticed coffee haus hipster agents.  These guys are what Orwell was referring to when he thought up the Thought Police.  Not very subtle, huh?   What are these undercover tolerance vigilantes trying to accomplish?  “Everyone deserves a chance.”  They will often refer us back to the days of Emma Lazarus where the huddled masses yearned to breathe free.  Ellis Island and it’s fellow Immigration centers weren’t exactly pushovers.  According to History.com, “New arrivals could also face rejection if they were anarchists, had a criminal record or showed signs of low moral character.”  it also goes on to say that while approximately 12 million people passed through Ellis Island, about 2% were turned away.  To the naked eye, 2% may not seem like much, however, 2% of 12 million is 240,000 people!  Let that soak in for a second.

We are America.  This land was, indeed, built by and for our immigrant ancestors.  Everything we have now is due to the hard work, dedication and collective mindset that our ancestors put forth in hopes that future generations would benefit from it.  Indeed, we have in the past, currently and into the future, stood on the hallowed ground our fore fathers raised from the dirt to show the world that, together, we can make the best in the world!  Our buildings were the highest, our scientists the brightest, our space program the most advanced, our military the best trained and equipped.  America was made great not by the Senators or Supreme Court justices or Presidents who are commonly associated with the advancement of the American Idea, but by the blood, sweat and tears of every single American citizen binding together to ensure that ALL Americans were not hindered in their Rights to Life, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness.  When the American people bound together in the past, it was due to injustices or inequalities being improperly bestowed upon Americans or the American way of life.  We bound together against issues affecting AMERICAN’S! If you look at your lives today and can honestly tell me we don’t already have enough going on here within our own borders to take care such as homeless Vets, starving children, inadequate educational tools, unemployment, our infrastructure is crap.  Imagine taking half of the $3 Trillion that is given to the Defense of America and using that to better educate our children by providing them with better text books and science equipment and musical departments aren’t forced to shut down.  The Vets, who performed their duty all day, every day, for years, to ensure we are all safe, could have his dignity restored by being given a home for his service to America!   We could focus both eyes of Lady Justice to within in order to protect and ensure the equality given to every single American of any race, gender or creed. When danger came knocking, whether it tried to goosestep, banzai or SI!SI!SI! through our front door, the people had no problem giving them the boot because it put the lives of American’s at jeopardy and , believe it or not, there was a time when the government truly cared about the safety and well being of the Citizens.  We wouldn’t have Medicare or Social Security or Food Stamps if not for the caring nature of these previous generations.

President John Adams, a Founding Father, signer of the Declaration of Independence and a critical mind when drafting the United States Bill of Rights,  signed into law in 1798 the Alien and Sedition Act, which allows immediate imprisonment and/or deportation to any person considered “dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States” and any citizen of a hostile nature during times of war.   It was also used by President Franklin Roosevelt to justify some of his actions during WW2.  This act was put in place to ensure the safety and security of every single American citizen.  Americans should not have to go to bed at night or go to the store or to the theater with their children, worrying if some foreign national is going to walk in with a vest full of TNT and blow everyone and everything sky high all in the name of their “god.”   These groups, who’s representatives and leaders are high ranking Islamic clerics who are encouraging violence and terror tactics against the western world, namely the United States.  These men are the equivalent of Bishops in the Catholic Church, and they are giving their followers the “word of Allah” to commit these tremendous acts.  You cannot vet the mind of a human being.  There is absolutely no way to tell if the person you just checked in at the airport claiming to be a Syrian refugee is telling the truth or, after months of drilling their cover into their brains, is a sleeper agent of one of the several Islamic terror cells who’s sole purpose is to destroy America!  In terms of the Alien and Sedition Act, which is still in affect today, this religion, based on the very public statements and threats made by these high ranking Islamic clerics, they have issued a fatawah that calls for jihad aka a Holy War against the United States!  How are we then supposed to be able to tell which of these refugees or Visa holders from the countries listed above or anywhere for that matter, are soldiers of a foreign enemy or not?  During WW2, President Roosevelt, who was popular enough to be the only 4 term President, enacted Presidential Orders 2525, 2526 and 2527, which restricted the entry and naturalization of ANY Japanese, German and Italian immigrants.  “But Joey, the War was being fought over in Europe and the Pacific, why did he do that?”  First off, a Nazi spy isn’t going to tell Immigration that he is there to sabotage Ft. Dix.  Secondly, it was done for EXACTLY that reason you mentioned…the war was in Europe and President Roosevelt, while not my favorite man in history, didn’t want the War being brought here to see innocent Americans die.  That is what President Trump is doing!  Ensuring the safety and security of ALL OF US!!!   “But, joey, we have bad people that are already here that are considered terrorists too.”  Indeed, we do have people in this country already that would see harm come upon any and all of us.  In fact, right now one of these violent murderers could be planning a mass casualty attack within our own borders.  Try this: read this article with a house full of children you are responsible for…you cannot focus on both.  it is either the article or the kids.  Both require your undivided attention in order to properly justify your responsibility.  This is what the United States Government is tasked to as long as we allow our borders to be unregulated.  We have one eye looking out and one looking in.  I agree, there are threats within our borders that require the full and undivided attention of our federal government. However, as we noticed in our little exercise above, it is next to impossible for one eye to be out and one to be in, as such, we cannot take care of the problems within to the full extent of the law because we are devoting half of our resources to ensure that no NEW threats come in.  Imagine how safe, economically sound  and culturally stimulated we could be if we could take out our enemy like in the old days and not have to worry about suicide bombers and fully fueled 747’s being used as Weapons of Mass Destruction?!  Also, remember, the terrorists on 9/11/01 were not trained abroad and then sent here to await their orders.  They trained in America!  These men received all the training and resources needed to commit the worst act of terrorism on United States soil HERE in the United States!  So, for those who claim that letting these people into America is the right thing to do even though we are opening our entire infrastructure AND Innocent American Lives, go to any  Fire Department or Police Station in New York City and ask them about their fallen Brothers and Sisters that ran into those burning building, with no regard for their own safety, in order to do the job they trained to do which was to rescue people trapped in the hot, smokey offices and stairwells.  Time after time,  group after group, these Fire Fighters and Police, gave their lives trying to help those who were in peril.  Hundreds of tons of material came crashing down on top of them, crushing their bones, mangling their bodies, in some cases, the fire turned them to ash.  Many were not fully recovered or recovered at all.  In the end, it will be the First Responders who’s lives will be on the line next time…and the way you children, with your posters and fancy chants, would have it, there absolutely WILL be a next time!  Let’s leave it up to Men and Women who lost their worlds on a day that most of you were either not old enough to remember or too ignorant minded to care anymore.  Let’s leave it up to the First Responders and volunteers and EMTs from all over the country who got to NYC as fast as they could to sort through the rubble for any survivors and the bodies of the fallen.  America has done exactly what I believed it would 16 years ago:  There wasn’t a house not sporting an American Flag.  Cars had flags on them.  Everyone was so kind and got along so well.  People were forced to open their eyes and watch, on LIVE TV, just how fragile and at-risk we were.  They saw how simple life could end by watching on LIVE TV THOUSANDS of innocent Americans incinerated in a giant ball of fire or crushed to death my the hundreds of tons of debris and steel came crashing down onto of them.  Even years after, First Responders were dying as a result of breathing in the fine dust particles that enveloped Manhattan Island for weeks!  Life was a precious commodity back then…but slowly, over time, things began to change.   Obama preached “Change we could believe in.”  America did not need change. Just like in that Home Alone movie, “keep the change, ya filthy animal.”  America needed to be inspired.  He did that, alright.  Inspired us to separate into groups and categories and labels….just another reason for Hatred and Negativity to make a comeback.  Like i said above, I can’t even swat a fly without some group protesting violence against insects!  We allowed a bunch of children and ignorant adults to hide under the guise of “tolerance” and allowed our front door open to any and all….but not noticing that “any” and “all”  have bad, bad things wrapped up within them.

“That was almost 20 years ago, Joey. Nothing has happened since. Look at Pearl Harbor…one time they attacked and that is it.”   We didn’t fight the Japanese for 20+ years.  We ended their raiding parties quick enough and when they refused to surrender, we showed them the full brute force of  America!  We had balls back then. Now, you can’t swat at a fly without some group protesting violence towards insects!

In closing, I ask you to remember, not just those men and women who we all watched die in an instant on 9/11/01, as those planes crashed all over the Eastern seaboard, but to remember the way we all bound together as one Nation, to make sure nothing like this could ever happen again.  Remember the close ups of the towers burning and those people stuck up on the highest floors, waving white clothes in a vain attempt to illicit rescue.  They decided that jumping 90+ stories to the ground would be a quicker and less painful death than burning alive hundreds of feet above the street.  Think, as they fell so quickly, 80 floors, 70,60, 50, that those people had lives.  They had fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters and friends and children…Their only crime was showing up at work that day to earn their American way of life.  Then our soldiers marched to the deserts to bring down a despot and open the doors to freedom for these people.  we stayed so long, not as conquerors but to protect citizens and train new officers and soldiers to be able to do it for themselves.  Our soldiers did the best job they could whether you were for or against the war.  Our soldiers gave up everything, many gave up their lives, to help cool the embers of hatred toward the West, despite the unfavorable outcome of anarchy running rampant in those parts now.  It was the right war against the wrong enemy.  Call it a religion.  Call it an ideology.   Call it whatever you want.  The bottom line here is the institution known as Islam has declared War against America.  These people would gladly grab you out of your home, into the street and publicly behead you just because you are American!   This is not about religion or tolerance, folks….it’s about War….and the only way it can be summed up is in the words of General William Tecumseh Shirman:  War is Hell….and that Hell is knocking on our door….waiting for some gullible, peace loving liberal to open it and welcome them in with open arms……


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