So, um, When’s the Funeral

I began TruthGasm as an outlet for Truth.  It is to be a place where theories and ideas, based on hard evidence and facts, can be freely discussed and debated/critiqued in order to encourage a constant open mind.  Judgmental, closed minded, self-righteous shenanigans are not welcome and heavily discouraged.

However…(oh, yes, there’s ALWAYS one of them and if it’s coming from Joey Mac, well, i’ll suggest grabbing some popcorn and a large soda)

I am genuinely and considerably dumbfounded by the actions and events as of late.  From a deep, personal matter all the way up to Washington D.C., something has happened that I perceive as a distinct and significant paradigm shift on some plane of existence.  I was almost to the point that the stupidity and ignorance of virtually every single person on the face of the Earth had me speechless;  of course, after 2 breathers from my emergency inhaler and long, hand rolled cig break, i came to my senses….Joey ALWAYS has something to say about EVERYTHING.  In my world, speechless is NOT an option.  Oh, and for the ones who are at this point but still fixating on the paradoxical way my brain works, ie puffing an emergency inhaler then proceeding to smoke a cig, do yourself and all of us a favor and get the hell off of my website!  Did you not read the first paragraph of this blog and/or the About section where i explicitly state that judgmental shenanigans will not be tolerated.  So get over it.  What is it you loud mouthed, attention whore millennials say: YOLO!  Also, i swear i am going to pistol whip the next person who makes me use the word shenanigans!

I digress.  The title of this article is enigmatic, isn’t it? It is making you wonder, i bet!  if you aren’t, then you can take your closed minded shenan…..ahhhhh….caught myself!  Who died, Joey?  What funeral are you referring to? To be honest, I am posting this article because I am not specifcally privy to the exact details.  As such, my fellow Truthers, we can work together to figure out what went wrong, when it went wrong and who is responsible.  It may not be the same for me as it is for you.  This will stimulate a more personal Truth that is custom tailored to fit the Truth inside us all!  I do not look down on anyone for anything…well, usually…therefore i am going to answer all of these nagging questions and calm your mind.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has come to my knowledge that there has been a Death in the Family.  It isn’t a cut and dry death.  This is going to be a lot like a game of Clue…a real whodunnit!    As stated before, I have no body to produce.  The grave marker, however, will not entomb our dearly departed.

So….the big reveal comes, again, in the form of a question and is the unofficial designation for this case:  let us begin Operation: WHO THE FUCK DIED AND PUT YOU IN CHARGE?!?!

Seriously?!  Take some time to consider your immediate surroundings, the activities and events in your social life and, lastly, the world we live in.  Since this is my article, I am going to provide my personal experiences.  I hope they inspire you to really give yourself and who/what means most to you a good looking over.

I have always been told by my personal hero, my father Joe Sr., to be respectful to others, have good manners and never quit.  I will give you a tiny look into the mind of Joey Mac:  I live a rather sheltered life and that is by choice.  There are very few people that i associate with in a physical sense.  On the rare occasion that I am invited out or go out and invite a friend along, I usually accept with open arms.  After the many trials and tribulations I have been through over the last few years, my mind has essentially rewired itself.  in order to adapt to the various forms of trauma suffered in various experiences over an extended period of time.  During my 20 months in exile, I was forced to deal and manage relationships with people I had absolutely no experience in dealing with, ever.  It wasn’t long before my time in exile that I was a student, not an inmate.  I had a roommate, not a cellie.  All You Can Eat, every single meals prepared by professional Chef’s, not soybeans and mystery meat prepared by work release junkies who put gods only know what in it.  Chairman of Campus Safety working with local police departments, not a defendant fighting the police for my life.  Alas, all of my college credits and awards for outstanding history student and accomplishments weren’t going to get me anywhere once that heavy, loud gate slammed behind me and the orange uniform replaced my skinny jeans and polo shirt….and, yeah, i said skinny jeans…and?  I did what I needed to do in order to survive so i chameleoned it.  Observe, observe observe.  Many of the people i dealt with on a daily basis i figured out first because they would be the constants.  Words mean next to nothing in that world.  My eyes were constantly scanning the people, the guards, body language, the location and composition of groups larger than 5 and one of the first things i learned but ended up being one of the most important…when tensions are running high, keep your eyes on the floor.  Not because eye contact will get you killed or anything cliche like that.  It’s all about foot ware.  For example, i would wear these ugly ass white Nikes i bought from some beggar for a soup and an oatmeal so I had something to wear to court, however, 99% of the time i was there, i wore a pair of Adidas sandals.  Most folks, during times of leisure, would be wearing some kind of shower shoe or sandal.  The higher-ups, meaning the dudes who had the power, influence and controlled our own micro economy, these were people who always had their sneakers on.  What’s the significance here?  Rule #1  you don’t fight in sandals. If it’s going down or has potential to pop off, lace up! Funny story, I actually laced up once!  However, it wasn’t to fight.  There was a time of strife between the Whites and Blacks.  Long story short (yeah right), there were 2 groups on the block…the WHites and the Blacks.  Obviously the Whites outnumbered the Blacks by a large margin, however, the blacks made up for it significantly by being smart.  I admired them, especially the 2 main guys who’s names I will not mention out of respect for them.  Without mentioning a specific group, these guys were very well connected. I will come back to my admiration of them and how it affected me a bit later.  Anyway, there was talks of a race riot so i put on my shoes.  A white guy saw me laced up and said “hey man i see you’re laced up, good for you man. You’re with us (the whites) right?”  to which I replied, “oh these?  you’re mistaken. I don’t have these on to fight anyone.  In the rare chance that one of these coal region junkies decides to sign his own death warrant by instigating and causing a race riot, i put my shoes on so i dont slip on my sandals running down the steps, back to my cell to read.”  I said before that I had a great admiration for the blacks and that was in part due to the rapport built with them on the poker table, establishing the exile version of a line of credit and always keeping it perfect and, what I think they respected in me the most of all, I did not try to be someone I wasn’t to try to impress them like several white kid wanna-bes from Sunbury were.  I was nerdy, quirky, could take and give out ball busting, always payed my debts….and, in 85% of the scenarios, always ended up with a very large percentage of their poker chips.

The point of all of this?  The Funeral only happens if you allow someone or something to kill who/what you are.  Be aware of who you surround yourself with and never allow someone in who you are remotely skeptical of.  Trust shouldn’t be given, it should be earned.  We learn nothing by having anything given to us.  When we EARN respect and trust, it is held so much closer to the heart and much is done to not violate or destroy the bond created while building these sacred values.


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