A Small Step or a Giant Leap?

Have you ever looked up into the sky and saw something that defies explanation?  Maybe it’s the way it moves or perhaps it’s shape/design is not something you would normally associate with a conventional aircraft.  Since the beginning of the Cold War, between the former Soviet Union and the United States, there has been a massive influx of sightings that, to this day, cannot be explained. According to a recently declassified memo by  Edward Tauss, the acting chief  of the Office of Strategic Intelligence’s Weapons and Equipment Division, as of 1952, the “Air Technical Intelligence Center,” the precursor to what we know today as NASA, had investigated between 1000-2000 alleged UFO sightings.  The memo clearly states that a “large percentage are clearly ‘phoney,'” while another equal percentage are explainable flight or naturally occurring aerial phenomena.

“Flying Saucer” Memo, Aug. 1, 1952

This is where it gets really interesting: the memo states that, out of the 1000-2000 reported sightings, less than 100 are ” credible reports” that “remain unexplained at this time.”  However, in the same paragraph, Mr. Tauss THEN goes on to say that these witnesses are “no more or less credible that those of the other categories” and that if more information were available regarding these sightings, they could probably be be pushed into the “explainable” category.  Talk about a guy who can’t get his story straight!

Believe me, folks, it get’s even MORE interesting!  Despite the fact that Mr. Tauss flip flops on the issue of witness credibility regarding the “unexplained” reports investigated by the the ATIC, he decides to err on the side of caution by issuing the following command: “Not withstanding the foregoing tentative facts, so long as a series of reports remain *unexplainable* (interplanetary aspects and alien origin not being thoroughly excluded from consideration) caution requires that intelligence continue coverage of the subject.”

Let that sink in for a second…go ahead, I’ll wait because I cannot fully wrap my head around what this man said either.  “Interplanetary aspects and alien origin not being thoroughly excluded from consideration!!!!!!!”  So what they are saying is that, despite thorough investigations of the reports mentioned in the memo by members of the United States Military/Intelligence Bureaus, the illuminated saucer shaped craft seen  hovering and performing gravity-defying aerial maneuvers reported by US Air Force Pilot, a man of impeccable credibility but possibly not,  could have been a misidentified cloud formation OR an extraterrestrial air craft capable of anti-gravity and interstellar flight?!?!?

Of course, you cannot have a good old fashion American conspiracy  theory without a cover-up and, friends, get ready for the TruthGasm of your LIFE! Since our fellow Human Beings in higher positions of the US Government believe that us lesser Human Beings can’t handle the truth, Part 3 of the memo implements a “shoosh” order on the subject.  It states “It is strongly urged, however, that no indication of CIA interest reach the press or the public, in view of their probable alarmist tendencies to accept such interest as `confirmatory’…”  I can understand why such information would have been withheld from public knowledge during that time period, however, the only way our democracy works is if there is transparency.  This is an age where the innocence and public trust of the American government began to corrode and this memo is a perfect example of WHY such distrust exists.  Hiding the fact that it is possible that we are in contact with an alien civilization that has evolved far beyond what even us in the 21st century could possibly comprehend really shows how much farther we, as a species, have to go and how much more we have to learn about ourselves.  Some would say that Contact would instantly evaporate the Faith of religions all over the world, however, in 2008, the Pope issued a Papal Decree stating that the existence of Extraterrestrial life does not negate the existence of God.  The Bible is the Book of Humanity and Humanity alone, according to the Catholic Church.   I am a believer that the Bible, along with it’s many precursor texts such as the Babylonian Enuma Elish, are historical accounts of actual events that were misinterpreted as acts of God or Angelic beings but were really extraterrestrial interactions with human beings.  As such, I’ve BEEN ready for the TRUTH to be told. Hell, most religions around the world ACTUALLY ACKNOWLEDGE that their Gods and Goddesses are ALIENS!


Dr. J. Alan Hyneck
The US Air Force eventually decided to consolidate the entire UFO investigation into one central entity.  Dr. J. Alan Hyneck was chosen as the lead investigator for what the US Air Force dubbed “Project Blue Book,” in which thousands of cases of reported UFO sightings were thoroughly examined. Dr. Hyneck was no stranger to the UFO question, as he was the scientific adviser for 2 other UFO inquiries by the US Air Force, Project Sign and Project Grudge. When Dr. Hyneck began his work as an adviser to Project Sign he was an absolute skeptic and a debunker of UFO reports.  He enjoyed being a debunker, as that is what the Air Force hired him to do.  He was quoted as saying that the whole idea of UFOs was “utterly ridiculous” and that it was a fad that would soon pass on.  He began to become a believer though, once he began to see in his work with the Air Force, what we are seeing now in the recently declassified CIA files regarding the UFO Question:  cover it all by ANY MEANS!  DENY DENY DENY!  Even if Aliens landed at the White House and gave an hour long speech regarding themselves and their intentions, FIND ANOTHER EXPLANATION!  If you can’t, then ridicule and destroy the lives of whomever is being vocal of the subject!  Dr. Hyneck once said that “ridicule is not part of the scientific method” and, as such, should not be applied to those who claim to have witnessed unknown phenomena.  He also began to change his mind from skeptic to believer when he interviewed, what I believe Mr. Tauss was referring to, credible Air Force pilots of exceptional skill and reputation as well as planetary scientists whom had encounters themselves with objects of unknown origin, of which the man who discovered Pluto was amongst the 11% of these men of exceptional knowledge and pedigree.

Folks, this is just one example, one short memo, declassified from the deep, dark archives of the most secretive and silent agencies in existence.  The question is: why now?  What happened to all the “alarmists?”  Does our government believe that we, as a civilization, are growing up to be able to know the Truth regarding the UFO Question?  It is almost like being a child and believing for years and years that all of those presents under the Christmas Tree were left by an overweight burglar with exceptional stealth skills and magic flying reindeer….the only difference is instead of flying reindeer we have weather balloons and instead of Santa we have Crash Test Dummies….

To me, these declassified papers are a step in the direction in which EVERYONE knows whats next!  Too many of our friends or friends of friends have quietly snuck down the steps late Christmas Eve/Early Christmas Morning to catch a glimpse of Santa leaving the presents, only to see Mom and Dad whisper-arguing over which bow matches which wrapping paper.  We all heard the story or maybe we even seen the Truth ourselves…whether or not these declassified memos and reports are a step toward full Extraterrestrial Disclosure or just a smoke screen to occupy us Wing-Nuts in the tinfoil Hats, one thing remains True: no matter what people say, how badly you are ridiculed or how much credibility you lose amongst whomever,  once you see it, there is no going back…once you see it, you can’t be anything else other than a Believer!


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