My name is Joey McGinley Jr.  I, like most of you, always believed in our system.  I bled Red, White and Blue.  America the Great.  America the Beautiful. During my College years, I was a History Major at Luzerne County Community College and Millersville University of Pennsylvania.  I won’t lie, my time at MU was more of a party time than educational.  However, it was after College that I really began to open up and see that much of what is considered “fact” is just propaganda or covered up to suppress the Truth. My ideas and visions of America the Magnificent all came to an end during a period of my life where I had a lot of time to think  and how I perceived the world. After that, it all came into focus and I began to research various topics to uncover the Truth and, let me tell you, what I have found is astonishing!  Some of what you will read here may seem far fetched or outlandish. Believe me when I say it has taken a LOT of digging and research to come to the conclusions I have come to and the messages that I am putting out there!  Know that I would not speak on nor would I publicly address a topic or issue if I had not done considerable research and spent countless hours trying to uncover the Truth for everyone to see.  I am not asking you to blindly follow my words,  Do the research. Check my facts.  In the end, YOU will come to the same conclusions I have!