Opiate Abuse: A Choice, Not A Disease


PICTURE ABOVE: Pictured above is a deadly amount of pure heroin vs a deadly amount of Fentanyl.  Now you can see why so many people are dying from it!

I am a recovering drug addict.  Every once in a while I’ll read an article in the paper about the “opiate epidemic” and how to stop it.  Let’s do this the best way I know how, the Compliment Sandwich!

The Praise: It is to my relief that this problem afflicting the entire country is finally getting some positive exposure showing the addicts and the families that care about them, that there is action being taken to HELP the problem as opposed to the front page headlines showing the Task Force and how they made another “historic” drug bust.  I will get more into the latter issue later.  I want to thank Mr. Kelly for being so involved and being the key official to bring this matter to light the way he has!

The Criticism: The big question here is: how do we solve the opiate epidemic?  From the mind of an addict, the first step is to quit calling it an “epidemic.” According to the dictionary, an epidemic is a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time. In fact, it is often claimed by medical professionals that drug addiction is a “disease.”  What the public is often not made aware of is that a lot of cases of drug abuse occur because of the prior existence of an untreated mental health disorder.  So in reality, we are dealing with self medication due to the inability and/or the lack of services offered to treat the underlying mental health disorder in the first place.   The term “opiate epidemic” is just the same as the “war on drugs;” they are just flashy terms we attach to societal problems in order to bring attention to them.  Think about it; you don’t wake up one day and say “man, I could really go for some Lupus today.”  That sounds ridiculous!  Epidemic infers that the opiate addiction is something that is infectious and is caught by an unsuspecting person as opposed to a choice that people, like myself, make on a daily basis.  I agree that it is a big problem.  The national statistic of all kinds of overdose deaths have risen dramatically over the last decade.  This is not because of some disease, though.  This is largely a result of the additives being mixed in with the heroin.  Fentanyl, for example, is an extremely dangerous opiate that has been being added to the mix.  Don’t get me wrong, fentanyl gives you an incredible rush and high, but at a cost that is as high as the rush you get from doing it. Look at the photo at the top of the page for a comparison between a deadly amount of heroin as opposed to fentanyl.  It will blow your mind!  You can barely see the fentanyl in the jar!  So, if it is so deadly and dangerous, why would people continue to use heroin?  To the average person, they would think it is crazy but what we aren’t told is that the vast majority of people using this heroin/fentanyl combo are getting much more bang for their buck, plus, since they have used it before and are still alive, they don’t even think about it after a while. The only time death is thought about in an addiction is when you wake up dope sick and have no money to get more. That feeling of withdrawal is hell! The only thing you are thinking about is feeling better. So how do we stop it? The answer is simple: quit calling it an epidemic and quit making helpless victims out of addicts.  As stated before, addiction isn’t contagious, it is a choice. Just using the term “opiate epidemic” shows me that there is so little education and knowledge of addiction out there. The public wants to help fix the issue yet praise the police departments for busting all of these dealers by using addicts as informants, thus placing them in a dangerous yet familiar situation.  The dealer gets busted, the addict, instead of going to jail, gets to go back on the streets and the cops get their picture on the front page! The problem there is, the addict is used as bait and when his snitching act is done, he is left on his own to, most likely, go back to using.  As I stated before, a lot of times drug use is brought on by an  often undiagnosed mental health disorder, which could range from simple depression to very complex cases of schizophrenia.  I believe that before any person is recruited by the police department, they should have to undergo a mental health examination to ensure that they are not being taken advantage of by the manipulation of the police department, which is no different than the manipulation of the dealer towards the addict.   I am not a fan of snitches, as I feel if you do the crime, you do the time, however, my opinion on it isn’t going to stop the cops from using them to show the public that all the money they get in grants to buy their assault rifles and SWAT trucks is well spent. If it is going to be done, why not help them?  Make part of their contract they sign include a trip to a long term rehab facility in order to do their part in helping addicts get better?  Same thing with probation officers.  Addict shows up, gives a hot urine test, he goes to jail for a few months until his revocation hearing, THEN he gets paroled to a facility that doesn’t have the best track record for success. By the time he even gets to see a Judge, he has gone through the withdrawal, has been hanging out with his fellow addicts, learning about new drugs on the street that don’t show up in urine tests or easier, legal ways to obtain the drugs they want. Going to rehab, at that point, is pointless.  They have already done the dope sick thing, they have established new connects while in jail and often would rather sit and max out their sentence than be linked to a probation/parole agency that will lock you up for even looking at them wrong.  Too much power, not enough education and/or empathy.  On top of that, the rehabs that are usually available to the penniless, indigent drug addict, are 6 month programs in the middle of Harrisburg, right In the middle of the drug corridor.  If they haven’t found a source for drugs by themselves in the first week, they will meet someone else who has the source. If you can’t tell by now, it’s a vicious cycle.

What can probation/parole do?  I know when I had to go into that office every month, even though I was clean and was doing everything I was supposed to, there was still that inherit fear; walking into the belly of the beast, where often, people come in and do not come out.  The PO does 3 things: 1) are you clean, 2) are you paying your fines, 3) come in next month.  What if I am dirty?  What if I did slip up?  Recovery isn’t as easy of a process as it seems.  Since the Establishment is hell bent on using medical terms on choices people make, I will compare recovery to a major surgery.  Sometimes people go through it, recover in no time and BOOM they are all better.  However, sometimes, infections develop or blood clots form. Then what is done?  Relapse can be seen as the same thing as developing an infection during surgery.  So, then, why should the addict be placed in jail for a hot urine test, where the above cycle will surely take place, as opposed to offering him help?  In many other places around the country, especially in big cities, a POs job is to help monitor the progress of their parolee, and help them when they are down. They are not there to bust them every single time they trip up.  They aren’t the Gestapo!  In this county, for people in that life style, it is a lot like Gestapo tactics: fear, intimidation and, of course, Dr. Goebbel’s infamous “Loose Lips Sink Ships.”  A whisper from anyone on the street who has a problem with someone on parole or probation, can lead to serious consequences for that person, no matter how untrue it might be. Believe me, I have been convicted in the court of public opinion based solely on the whispers of some other addicts who wanted to shorten their sentences.  Despite what you might here, folks, it DOES happen! The fix?  Train the POs to be more empathetic, educate them on addiction and how it affects the addict and their family, show compassion instead of intimidation, that way if a parolee messes up, he feels safe knowing he can go to his PO and that his PO will HELP him and not throw him away and forget about him for a few months.

One last problem I will discuss is the existence of Pill Mills.  You know what I am referring to: The Doc that everyone goes who uses his MD to write scripts for so many people who really do not need it.  I personally know examples of ridiculous amounts of opiate pain killers being handed out to people who have absolutely no reason to be on them!  30s, 15s, 10s, all in one office visit!  How is this allowed to happen?  The medical community is so caught up in their politically correct wording that they do not even realize that a HUGE problem is within their own field!  How do we solve this?  SHUT THESE PILL MILLS DOWN! Lock the doctors up, the same as drug dealers! They should be treated no different! To the contrary, they should be treated worse!  They have taken their position of power influence and used it to start and encourage the use and abuse of Prescription Pain Killers in order to profit financially, and from what I have heard about certain ones, in many other “personal” ways as well!  Plaster their faces on the front page of the Item like they do with all the rest! Cornell DeValle, found guilty of delivery of less than 3 grams of cocaine and was sentenced to 30 years in state prison (after 2 purposeful mistrials by the Northumberland County Das office, mind you)!  Neil Neidig was found guilty of a ton of charges related to the purchase and distribution of marijuana. He got roughly, 25-50 years in state prison. I am not saying either of these men are angels.  I did, however, get to know them in my time locked up fighting my own case, and can tell you that the sentences given to both of these men are, firstly, insane, in the sense that Mr. DeValle and Mr. Neidig got more time than some murderers!  Mr. Neidig, whether you love him or hate him, sure, was caught with a lot of marijuana, however, we live in a country now where more and more states are legalizing the use of marijuana for medical and recreational use!  Who was Mr. Neidig endangering by associating with a drug that has no negative effects such as addiction, and, to the contrary, actually helps a lot of people who are in pain or suffer from a variety of mental and physical conditions.  Mr. Neidig will never see the outside of a prison cell again…yet, in my honest opinion, he could have been part of the solution!  Marijuana is a lot safer, healthier and not addicting as opposed to the opiates that the Doctor Run Pill Mills have no problem feeding their suffering and a lot of the times, patients who aren’t suffering whatsoever!  Mr. DeValle, while it is alleged he was dealing a dangerous drug and if he is truly guilty of the crime of which he was convicted, then he should do time(I got to read over most, if not all, of his Discovery Package and to me it seemed that he was not guilty and set up by a bad person who had his own rap to shake loose.)  Mr. DeValle was offered 6 months of probation before his trial, which he turned down, because he wanted to prove his innocence. After 2 mistrials, as I stated above, he was found guilty and will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison…for less than 3 grams of cocaine!  Meanwhile, Dr. Pill Mill is out there hooking and exploiting his patients, feeding them insane and massive amounts of opiate medication, in a lot of cases where it isn’t even necessary but I am sure some of them have their “personal” reasons and motivations as to why they prescribe to some of the people they do!  50 years for a harmless, in many cases beneficial, plant.  30+ years for less than 3 grams of cocaine. Doc gets to be a public servant, a pillar of the community, a trusted and admired member of the community, when it should be THESE DRUG DEALERS serving them sentences!  Mr. DeValled got 30+ years for one alleged delivery…I wonder how many years these docs would get for the hundreds, if not thousands, of scripts they have written to patients who are in no way shape or form in need of these powerful narcotics, yet receive multiple prescriptions for them, on top of many other Narcotics that are handed out on top of the opiates, i.e. Benzodiazepines.  A lot of people do not even realize that this is going on!  Hell, many people probably go to these doctors and do not even realize that they are letting a drug dealer examine them!

There are many other options I could put forth that I feel would help put a dent in this nation wide issue.  We must be OK with the fact that we will not ever stop it.  There will always be a dealer and he/she will always have demand. Capitalism at its darkest!  These are just a few and, in my opinion, the biggest problems to overcome in order to start getting this opiate issue under control.  In some states, they have safe havens where addicts can go, get clean needles, and use without fear of retribution.  They are in the care of medical staff in case of overdose.  Maybe that is something we can look into and encourage here!  Maybe, instead of trying to get rid of the problem that will never go away, maybe we can begin to actually help the addicts in a clean, safe and healthy environment.  Promote ending the addiction but if it must continue, at least we can say we did our part to ensure that another life hasn’t become a statistic.


JonBenet: The Truth Behind the Tabloid

I was 12 years old when I first saw those eyes peering at me from the TV screen.  It was a news report about the brutal sexual assault and murder of a little 6 year old beauty queen named JonBenet Ramsey.  I didn’t know the details. As a kid, i thought it was terrible but did not understand it.  However there were always 2 things I believed in my gut: 1) the Dad, who’s name i did not know then, had something to do with it; 2) the eyes that stared at me from the tabloids and TV news had such a sadness in them.  I didn’t realize it back then, but after years of learning, i believe the eyes are the window to the soul and that little girl had such sadness in hers.  Something was wrong in her life…now I know what it was…
JonBenet Ramsey’s dad, John Ramsey, and his late wife, Pat, were cleared in 2008 of any wrong doing in the murder of their daughter because new DNA evidence found on her underwear and leggins didn’t match theirs or anyone in CODIS.. Why did it take until 2008, 11 years after her death, for this to be said? Did we not have the technology in 1996 to figure this out? What they also don’t say in the headlines is that it was “touch DNA” that was found and tested. That means it wasn’t blood or semen…someone came into contact with the clothing, possibly in the event of undressing and then redressing her after she was sexually assaulted, and left DNA near the waist bands of her underwear and leggins, like sweat for example.

So wait…you’re going to tell me that the savage and brutal method employed to end this innocent little girl’s life,  was done by  a pedophile/murderer, who was able to sneak into the house, conveniently through the basement window that was broken and didn’t lock. It also had a suitcase sitting below it for the monster to step on on his way in. Then, snuck from the basement, all the way upstairs and just happened to know what room was her. Then somehow he was able to enter the bedroom, using his apparent legendary ninja skills, grab her while she slept and prevented her from even making a peep. He transported her from upstairs to the basement without her or him making a single sound for anyone to hear. He then rapes her but leaves no DNA evidence behind except for the touch DNA discussed above. He strangles her so savagely that the rope was embedded in her skin!  Then, to make sure she was dead, smashes her in the skull so hard it split her entire skull open! Also, at some point in all of this, instead of writing a ransom letter before all of this and bringing it along, the monster took the time to find a tablet in the house and write a several page ransom letter?! We know this because a tablet was found in the Ramsey home that had pages torn from it that matched the pages of the ransom letter.  I refer to it a a letter because this was not simply a “we have your daughter, give us money” note.  This was a several page instruction manual detailing everything the Ramsey’s had to do tio ensure the safe return of their already dead daughter. Another very intriguing fact is that the ransom amount demanded was the exact amount, down to the dollar, of the Christmas Bonus John Ramsey had gotten just prior to this happening. Does any of this make sense yet?  What kind of pedophile/ murderer, whom would appear to be a professional and has done this before, is that confident in his skills, that he takes the time to find a pen and paper around the house, sit down, and write out a several page ransom letter, leaving himself exposed for several minutes, either before or after he sneaks upstairs, kidnaps JonBenet without a peep, takes her to the basement, rapes her, savagely strangles her then splits her skull open? Even to someone who has no law enforcement experience can see that this theory makes absolutely no sense at all!  The question that arises to me, and should to you as well, is : who would be comfortable in a home to be able to take the immense amount of time to do all of these things AND know where everything was located in order to accomplish his goal (I say “his” because the DNA tested was found to belong to a man)?  The DNA is a Red Herring in this case just like the Ransom was.  John Ramsey is a very accomplished man with an impeccable reputation.  He isn’t one to do something without having a plan.  If he was, he wouldn’t be the self made multi-millionaire that he is and has been for years.

After waiting for the call from the “kidnapper” that was said to happen in the ransom letter, it was suggested to John Ramsey by the Bolder Police to do another search of the house.  Wait a minute…the Police are the ones trained to do these kind of things and it doesn’t matter that this was the Ramsey residence or not.  When there is a chance for potential evidence to be found at a crime scene, should it not be up to the police to do the searching?  Remember, despite this being the Ramsey home, John and Pat Ramsey, at this point, HAD to be considered AT THE VERY LEAST persons of interest in this matter, yet, despite this, John Ramsey was still allowed to search a potential crime scene for evidence that, in my opinion, was left behind by himself.  John Ramsey ended up being the one to find her behind the door of a small room in the basement.  She was covered by a white blanket that was said to have been in the dryer, which was located in an adjacent room.  After unfolding the blanket and seeing the cold, stiff, lifeless body of his daughter, instead of alerting police right away, he removed the duct tape on her mouth and picked her up and brought her upstairs.  This is a blatant error on the part of the Bolder Police, by letting a potential suspect contaminate a crime scene, crucial evidence had been destroyed and/or contaminated…BY A POTENTIAL SUSPECT!  Had the police done their job the way it was supposed to be done, it would have been THEM that had found her, thus being able to preserve the actual crime scene and not allow any of the contamination that clearly occurred here.  Did it ever occur to anyone that the touch DNA hasn’t been matched to anyone in the Ramsey family OR CODIS because it doesn’t belong to the murderer at all?  This DNA wasn’t discovered, obviously, until AFTER John Ramsey had removed her from where the rape/murder occurred and placed in a room full of people, including police and friends/supporters of the Ramsey family.  Since the preservation of this crime scene was botched as badly as it was in the first place, why is this DNA evidence focused on so much? I wonder if everyone present at the time of her body being placed in front of the Christmas tree, had their DNA submitted for testing? Is it possible that the reason the touch DNA was found only on the straps of her underwear and leggins, is because someone present possibly pulled them up a little because they were down and wanted her to look decent or perhaps someone touched them in a manner to check and see if she was possibly sexually assaulted?  You’re going to tell me that the police suspect this phantom pedo was so good at what he did and how he managed to do everything he is accused of in the Rmasey home, undetected, for possibly hours, yet left a small amount of DNA behind that hasn’t been matched to any crime or felon or anyone in CODIS for that matter, either before or since this crime has occurred?  It was his first AND ONLY crime he committed, yet was comfortable and skilled enough to chill out, find paper and a pen to write a several page ransom letter?   First time offenders often make mistakes that are corrected in the future, if they aren’t caught in the meantime, yet this phantom moves and acts like someone who is either very experienced at what he does OR is a member of the family who can freely walk around his own home without drawing any suspicion.  The Father would’t have a problem luring his daughter to the basement to do, what i truly believe he has done many times over this poor, little girl’s life…and JonBenet told him NO!
Here is one more interest fact and an example of how the Bolder Police allowed evidence to be tampered with, contaminated and destroyed.  In the kitchen, there was found a bowl with pineapple in it.  It was later found during her autopsy that pineapple was found in her stomach, thus revealing that the pineapple in that bowl found in the kitchen, at one point during this event, ended up making it’s way in to JonBenet’s mouth, down her throat and into her stomach…it wasn’t there long enough to be digested, however, which shows that she ingested this shortly before her terrible death.  Why does this matter at all? It matters because it proves 2 points that add to the already overwhelming circumstantial evidence that proves John Ramsey is the one responsible for this crime.  Both John and Patsy Ramsey deny feeding or giving JonBenet the pineapple that night.  Ok, so then, who did?  The Phantom Pedo?  So on top of all of the crazy and, quite frankly, ludicrous things he has done over the course of this crime, is go upstairs, wake up JonBenet without spooking her, take her downstairs, obviously she is awake and alert if she is able to ingest pineapple, and before he brutally rapes and murders her, offers to feed her some fruit?  It takes time to find a can of something to eat, find the can opener, get a bowl and utensil, open the can, dump the pineapple in the bowl, then give her time to eat it… The pineapple is significant because it proves 2 things: 1) JonBenet was awake and alert when she was taken from her room , down to the kitchen; 2) whomever the monster is that did this to her, was someone she was comfortable enough to get out of bed without being afraid, follow them downstairs, sit at the kitchen table while they prepare her “last meal,” sit there and eat it with them present in the room( or maybe this is the time where the letter was written while she ate), then place the dish in the sink and follow this person down to the basement, where she ultimately met the sad and terrible fate she did.
By all accounts it is said that she was cold and rigor mortis was fully set in, thus, she was stiff as a board. The whole while the parents acted liked they weren’t sure if she was dead! In fact, John Ramsey, in an interview with Barbra Walters stated ” that is when i started to think something was wrong.”  WHAT?!?!?  So, finding your brutally murdered daughter in your own basement, head split wide open, rope embedded in her neck, duct tape over her mouth, arms bound above her head, cold as ice, stiff as a board…it took for you to carry her stiff, sprawled out body upstairs and laid in front of the Christmas tree, almost ceremonially, to figure out there was something wrong?!  Sounds a tad dramatic and quite suspicious to me. It wouldn’t be the same as carrying a sleeping child up the stairs, by the way. This little girl would have been fully stretched out, head to toe, again, stiff as a board, her skin cold as ice. It’d would be more like carrying a 50 pound mannequin up the stairs.   Seems a bit of creative liberty was applied to this story.

Here’s what I think happened: John Ramsey  was molesting Jon Benet  her whole life but now she was getting older and started to realize that what was happening was wrong and one night he took her to the basement to do his disgusting act but she said no and threatened to tell a teacher/priest and wouldn’t allow him to have his way. John Ramsey was a self made multi-millionaire. He had a flawless reputation and a perfect public image to maintain. Had Jon Benet revealed his secret, he’d be disgraced in the worst way imaginable and lose everything and THAT is why the murder was so brutal and savage…his mind set is “how dare you think you can ruin me” and after strangling her, he bashed in his little girl’s head to make sure she would never reveal his secret. As for the touch dna…that wasn’t found, obviously, until AFTER he had found her in the basement and spent time with her there and then brought her upstairs where several people were present, any one of which could have contaminated the crime scene.  The DNA is a red herring. It’s not the key to this case. There is no way some stranger snuck around some family’s property, which was lit up all over with Christmas lights, and so perfectly pulled off this lengthy and ridiculously drawn out atrocity, snuck around a dark house looking for a tablet and a pen, wrote a several page ransom note for a child he not only has killed already but was also not even hidden well in the basement of their own home, did this whole thing AND left DNA behind, but has never been, either before or in the almost 20 years since, linked to any other crime?! This murder is a classic example of a very personal kill. To strangle someone is to be down, in their face, watching them gasp for air.  Their eyes locked on yours, trying to kick, scratch,survive.  The fact that the rope was embedded in her skin shows that there was a lot of anger and hatred involved.  Strangling someone isn’t like you see on TV or in movies.  It is a long, agonizing experience for the one being strangled.  It could take up to 10 minutes for someone to finally succumb by strangulation.  In this case, it probably didn’t take more than a minute or two, but think about that.  It may not seem like a lot, but grab a teddy bear and squeeze him as hard as you can and count the second go by…it’s a lot longer than you would think.  All the while, 6 year old JonBenet, is struggling to breath, trying to plead for her life, but not words can come out.  Then, to ensure she is dead and cannot tell his “secret,” he bashes her skull so hard that it splits open…if she wasn’t dead before, she is now.  After the adrenaline goes away and reality starts to set in, John is/was remorseful for committing this heinous crime.  This is proven by the fact that, after she was sexually assaulted, the murderer had the “decency” to put her underwear and leggins back on because he did not want her found in such a “vulnerable” and derogatory position.  The covering up of her body with the blanket also shows remorse in that he couldn’t bare the image of what he did.  There have been many, many murderers convicted in this country on far less circumstantial evidence that is present in this case.  The Bolder Police are either one of the most inept police departments in the United States or there is a conspiracy between the Ramsey’s and them to focus the attention elsewhere.  Days after the murder of JonBenet, the Ramsey’s packed their belonging and moved across the country.  Their reason was because they couldn’t bare to live in the house where their daughter was savagely murdered.  In any other case, this would add to the suspicion of the involvement of one of the family members and, to the media at that time, it did; but not to the police.  In my opinion, John Ramsey is a closet monster.  The reason the DNA won’t ever match a suspect is because it does not belong to the killer but is actually a result of a sloppy police investigation and contamination of the crime scene.  If you watch any of the few interviews they gave, you will see it is Patsy doing most of the talking.  Patsy was the family spokesperson.  She was experienced in being in the spotlight, both when she was younger and in her older age by letter her daughter compete in beauty pageants in which she is dressed very suggestively and, quite frankly, inappropriate for a girl her age.  When John spoke, he was very short but also very suspicious.  When asked by Barbra Walters whether he thought the DNA would prove his innocence, his body language and his answer are both very suspect.  Instead of saying “absolutely because i did not kill my daughter,” he pauses and, for a brief second, he shakes his head, as if his body language is saying “no because i am not innocent,” then proceeds to say that he believes it will lead to the killer.  He has a chance to shout his innocence on Prime Time television, yet his body language is what gives him away.    In another interview, Walters asks him if he murdered his daughter.  After watching him talk several times during the interview, he always looked straight forward and made eye contact.  After being asked this question, he replies “no” however as he is saying it, he closes his eyes, kind of like a long blink, as if when he is saying no, he isn’t making eye contact because he is a liar. It is also interesting to note that 2 days after finding JonBenet dead, the Ramsey’s hired an attorney and refused to talk to the police BUT they had NO PROBLEM taking to the television to do interviews and plea for information on the killer, all the while the killer was sitting right there in front of us all. The entire case became a spectacle. Tabloids ran wild with all the crazy stories and theories. Patsy Ramsey was back in the spotlight and loved every second of it until the day she died. i fully believe Patsy knew that John was molesting and murdered JonBenet.  That is why uou see her doing most of the talking.  She was used to having an audience to captivate and boy did she pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.  I wouldn’t doubt her telling John to keep his mouth shut unless asked a question and to answer it as short and to the point as possible as to not end up incriminating himself.

This article is a theory I have come to based on all of the circumstantial evidence presented in this case.  i have studied this case closely and, despite not having a degree in any kind legal capacity, i have been studying law and the process of suspect profiling for over 6 years on my own and have learned a lot but also have a lot more to learn.  Do I feel that this case will ever be solved?  Not by the Bolder Police department, that is for sure, for whatever reasons they have.  I believe too much time has gone by and too much evidence was destroyed back when the murder occurred to solidify a slam dunk conviction.  I still believe this case could be presented to a jury and there is a great chance he would be convicted based on all the circumstantial evidence.  There are cases where a body wasn’t even found and had far less cirumstantial evidence than this case yet convictions were secured.
There is no happy ending here.  The only thing I can say is that I hope JonBenet is happy where ever she is.  That’s all…Rest Easy, JonBenet