KA Message to the Citizens of Kulpmont

I am an avid learner and student of history, especially local.  After much research, it seems to me that not since the political Golden Years of Kulpmont, where great men like Bambi Miriello walked the floors of City Hall, have the voters been presented with such extremely dedicated men in an election. Kulpmont is on the crux of a paradigm shift, the likes of which has never been seen before.

 You are presented with a man like Bruno Varano who, for the past 24 years, has dedicated his very existence to Kulpmont and the wellbeing of the Citizens who reside within.  Love him or hate him, Bruno will go down in history as one of the greatest and most influential men this borough has ever had.  As they did with Bambi, by re-naming Mike Terry Stadium to Miriello-Terry Stadium, they someday will do in memory of Bruno.  I have joked with him by telling him “Hell, at the very least, someday people may be able to sit upon the ‘Bruno VARANO Memorial Park Bench.'”  Since his very first campaign, in which he signified a paradigm shift in its own right by beating Bambi for a seat on the Council, he has been THE ONLY citizen who has had the patience and dedication towards the betterment of our community to stand up EVERY SINGLE TIME, climbing the ranks to become our current President, a position he has held for many years.  To sum it all up: he’s been heralded as one of Kulpmonts Greatest Natives Sons; he’s been trashed on the front page of the News Item.  He never allowed the negativity to get in the way of doing what was RIGHT for the borough.  He is a man that I have admired my entire life and it is an honor to be campaigning along side this living legend.  

I’ll be honest, if you had asked me 3 months ago if I would ever considering entering the very public and heavily scrutinized realm of politics, I’d have flat out said no effing way.  I thought I was finished; my name soiled in the media amd i truly believed that, despite the overwhelming evidence proving the conspiracy against my daughter and I, the Court of Public Opinion had sentenced my name to death.  It was not until the true mindset of our local democracy showed it’s true colors…”if you want your voice to be heard, run for council!”  Hearing that over and over and over really drilled into my head that we, the people, have been kept silent for far too long!  Why is it that, in order for my voice to be heard, I NEED to be elected to office?  Then my mind opens to older, much more broad questions that have been stirring for years:  why is it that we elect leaders based on what THEIR views are instead of the leaders asking the PEOPLE what THEY want?  When you scale the position I am in down to the local level, it doesn’t matter how popular I am with the populace or how many ideas they give for me to bring before the council…what it boils down to is building and maintaining a positive and reliable rapport with my fellow councilmen.  All motions must be approved by a majority vote. In this case, at least 4 out of 7.  So being a rogue does me and the people no good.  Lucky for me, I have experience working with other members of a political body.  It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been blessed with such unique charisma and killer personality…in all honesty, when ya boil it all down, what ISN’T there to love about Joey Mac? Haha.  All joking aside, I am one of the most open minded and tolerant people you will ever meet.  Even to the naysayers and the people who will not support me in this election, all the way down to the ones who can’t stand my guts and say bad things about me…i may not agree with your opinions nor do I have to like you, however, it is your right to have them and i would defend to the death your right to it!  I am fair, balanced, dedicated, diligent and eager to learn all sides of the debate.  It is the duty of every citizen to be as well informed about as much as they wish to take on.  Too many people make their argument fit the evidence when they should REALLY be following  the evidence and THEN form their argument.  I will go into more depth in regards to the rhetoric aspect in another blog but for the purpose of this subject, I hereby declare, starting with my fellow citizens of Kulpmont, that I am THE true Candidate of the People. While I do have plans regarding certain things, such as the Kulpmpnt Borough Citizens Unite! Community Roundtable, I plan on basing every vote I make as a Councilman, based on the feedback and input from YOU, the good people who would be so kind as to elect me to serve you!  I am not promising to be any kind of savior and , rest assured, I will not be able to please everybody every time, but the process isn’t about pleasing everyone at once. It is about hearing ALL sides of the debate and which ever side is backed by more convincing arguments is the side that I will vote in favor of.  I need you all to put some trust in me and believe that I will be fair and impartial while making the decisions I make.  This process I plan on  introducing to how the system works is a TRUE Experiment in Action but It can only be successful if we All come together and MAKE it work! It has never been done before in Kulpmont and, just off The top of my head, in the USA…EVER!  The only way we will fail is if we allow ourselves to.  The future isn’t just in my hands….it is in ALL OF OUR HANDS!  

Casting your vote on May 16th, 2017, is, as far as Kulpmont and it’s governmental future is concerned, the most IMPORTANT thing you can do for ALL OF US!  Let’s not allow the same shenanigans that happened last Borough election happen again.  There is only ONE Write In Choice, whether you are Democrat or Republican and that is Bruno VARANO, a man who has humbly accepted your nominations and elections to the Kulpmont Borough Council for over 2 decades!  If it aint broke, don’t fix it!  

As far as myself, Joey McGinley Jr, is concerned, you need to know this: OF the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE and FOR the PEOPLE! My Platform and Campaign and, God willing, seat on Kulpmont Borough Council, isn’t JUST about me…it is about EACH and EVERY one of you! We can make this work, folks, but we cannot get our Voice back if WE don’t TAKE it back! My way of governing is Revolutionary and we can all be a part of it!  I have the experience, I have the diligence, I have the intelligence, but most importantly, I have the fortitude to bravely go where no man has ever gone before because, in a world where such nouns such as Status Quo, Normal and Conventional, exist, it is up to someone like me to go against the grain, ESPECIALLY if it will significantly impact the PEOPLE I serve and their children and, God willing, many more generations to come! I am unconventional in many ways, but, nowhere is it stated that unconventional is a bad thing!  


Hell at our Door Step

The year is 2017.  It is a time if civil unrest in the United States.  People are taking to the streets and flooding the airports  in protest of President Donald Trump’s executive order enhancements, which essentially bans all Citizen coming in from a list of 7 countires established to be “terrorist hotbeds” by former President, after 8 years of waiting for the change we were supposed to believe to only get stuck paying for the whole tab, recent Entitled Millennial Hipster  Establishment martyr, Barack Obama in 2015.

Flogging the Bishop of the Entitled Millennial Hipster Establishment are a largely overlooked yet tirelessly devoted network of  highly trained and but not easily noticed coffee haus hipster agents.  These guys are what Orwell was referring to when he thought up the Thought Police.  Not very subtle, huh?   What are these undercover tolerance vigilantes trying to accomplish?  “Everyone deserves a chance.”  They will often refer us back to the days of Emma Lazarus where the huddled masses yearned to breathe free.  Ellis Island and it’s fellow Immigration centers weren’t exactly pushovers.  According to History.com, “New arrivals could also face rejection if they were anarchists, had a criminal record or showed signs of low moral character.”  it also goes on to say that while approximately 12 million people passed through Ellis Island, about 2% were turned away.  To the naked eye, 2% may not seem like much, however, 2% of 12 million is 240,000 people!  Let that soak in for a second.

We are America.  This land was, indeed, built by and for our immigrant ancestors.  Everything we have now is due to the hard work, dedication and collective mindset that our ancestors put forth in hopes that future generations would benefit from it.  Indeed, we have in the past, currently and into the future, stood on the hallowed ground our fore fathers raised from the dirt to show the world that, together, we can make the best in the world!  Our buildings were the highest, our scientists the brightest, our space program the most advanced, our military the best trained and equipped.  America was made great not by the Senators or Supreme Court justices or Presidents who are commonly associated with the advancement of the American Idea, but by the blood, sweat and tears of every single American citizen binding together to ensure that ALL Americans were not hindered in their Rights to Life, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness.  When the American people bound together in the past, it was due to injustices or inequalities being improperly bestowed upon Americans or the American way of life.  We bound together against issues affecting AMERICAN’S! If you look at your lives today and can honestly tell me we don’t already have enough going on here within our own borders to take care such as homeless Vets, starving children, inadequate educational tools, unemployment, our infrastructure is crap.  Imagine taking half of the $3 Trillion that is given to the Defense of America and using that to better educate our children by providing them with better text books and science equipment and musical departments aren’t forced to shut down.  The Vets, who performed their duty all day, every day, for years, to ensure we are all safe, could have his dignity restored by being given a home for his service to America!   We could focus both eyes of Lady Justice to within in order to protect and ensure the equality given to every single American of any race, gender or creed. When danger came knocking, whether it tried to goosestep, banzai or SI!SI!SI! through our front door, the people had no problem giving them the boot because it put the lives of American’s at jeopardy and , believe it or not, there was a time when the government truly cared about the safety and well being of the Citizens.  We wouldn’t have Medicare or Social Security or Food Stamps if not for the caring nature of these previous generations.

President John Adams, a Founding Father, signer of the Declaration of Independence and a critical mind when drafting the United States Bill of Rights,  signed into law in 1798 the Alien and Sedition Act, which allows immediate imprisonment and/or deportation to any person considered “dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States” and any citizen of a hostile nature during times of war.   It was also used by President Franklin Roosevelt to justify some of his actions during WW2.  This act was put in place to ensure the safety and security of every single American citizen.  Americans should not have to go to bed at night or go to the store or to the theater with their children, worrying if some foreign national is going to walk in with a vest full of TNT and blow everyone and everything sky high all in the name of their “god.”   These groups, who’s representatives and leaders are high ranking Islamic clerics who are encouraging violence and terror tactics against the western world, namely the United States.  These men are the equivalent of Bishops in the Catholic Church, and they are giving their followers the “word of Allah” to commit these tremendous acts.  You cannot vet the mind of a human being.  There is absolutely no way to tell if the person you just checked in at the airport claiming to be a Syrian refugee is telling the truth or, after months of drilling their cover into their brains, is a sleeper agent of one of the several Islamic terror cells who’s sole purpose is to destroy America!  In terms of the Alien and Sedition Act, which is still in affect today, this religion, based on the very public statements and threats made by these high ranking Islamic clerics, they have issued a fatawah that calls for jihad aka a Holy War against the United States!  How are we then supposed to be able to tell which of these refugees or Visa holders from the countries listed above or anywhere for that matter, are soldiers of a foreign enemy or not?  During WW2, President Roosevelt, who was popular enough to be the only 4 term President, enacted Presidential Orders 2525, 2526 and 2527, which restricted the entry and naturalization of ANY Japanese, German and Italian immigrants.  “But Joey, the War was being fought over in Europe and the Pacific, why did he do that?”  First off, a Nazi spy isn’t going to tell Immigration that he is there to sabotage Ft. Dix.  Secondly, it was done for EXACTLY that reason you mentioned…the war was in Europe and President Roosevelt, while not my favorite man in history, didn’t want the War being brought here to see innocent Americans die.  That is what President Trump is doing!  Ensuring the safety and security of ALL OF US!!!   “But, joey, we have bad people that are already here that are considered terrorists too.”  Indeed, we do have people in this country already that would see harm come upon any and all of us.  In fact, right now one of these violent murderers could be planning a mass casualty attack within our own borders.  Try this: read this article with a house full of children you are responsible for…you cannot focus on both.  it is either the article or the kids.  Both require your undivided attention in order to properly justify your responsibility.  This is what the United States Government is tasked to as long as we allow our borders to be unregulated.  We have one eye looking out and one looking in.  I agree, there are threats within our borders that require the full and undivided attention of our federal government. However, as we noticed in our little exercise above, it is next to impossible for one eye to be out and one to be in, as such, we cannot take care of the problems within to the full extent of the law because we are devoting half of our resources to ensure that no NEW threats come in.  Imagine how safe, economically sound  and culturally stimulated we could be if we could take out our enemy like in the old days and not have to worry about suicide bombers and fully fueled 747’s being used as Weapons of Mass Destruction?!  Also, remember, the terrorists on 9/11/01 were not trained abroad and then sent here to await their orders.  They trained in America!  These men received all the training and resources needed to commit the worst act of terrorism on United States soil HERE in the United States!  So, for those who claim that letting these people into America is the right thing to do even though we are opening our entire infrastructure AND Innocent American Lives, go to any  Fire Department or Police Station in New York City and ask them about their fallen Brothers and Sisters that ran into those burning building, with no regard for their own safety, in order to do the job they trained to do which was to rescue people trapped in the hot, smokey offices and stairwells.  Time after time,  group after group, these Fire Fighters and Police, gave their lives trying to help those who were in peril.  Hundreds of tons of material came crashing down on top of them, crushing their bones, mangling their bodies, in some cases, the fire turned them to ash.  Many were not fully recovered or recovered at all.  In the end, it will be the First Responders who’s lives will be on the line next time…and the way you children, with your posters and fancy chants, would have it, there absolutely WILL be a next time!  Let’s leave it up to Men and Women who lost their worlds on a day that most of you were either not old enough to remember or too ignorant minded to care anymore.  Let’s leave it up to the First Responders and volunteers and EMTs from all over the country who got to NYC as fast as they could to sort through the rubble for any survivors and the bodies of the fallen.  America has done exactly what I believed it would 16 years ago:  There wasn’t a house not sporting an American Flag.  Cars had flags on them.  Everyone was so kind and got along so well.  People were forced to open their eyes and watch, on LIVE TV, just how fragile and at-risk we were.  They saw how simple life could end by watching on LIVE TV THOUSANDS of innocent Americans incinerated in a giant ball of fire or crushed to death my the hundreds of tons of debris and steel came crashing down onto of them.  Even years after, First Responders were dying as a result of breathing in the fine dust particles that enveloped Manhattan Island for weeks!  Life was a precious commodity back then…but slowly, over time, things began to change.   Obama preached “Change we could believe in.”  America did not need change. Just like in that Home Alone movie, “keep the change, ya filthy animal.”  America needed to be inspired.  He did that, alright.  Inspired us to separate into groups and categories and labels….just another reason for Hatred and Negativity to make a comeback.  Like i said above, I can’t even swat a fly without some group protesting violence against insects!  We allowed a bunch of children and ignorant adults to hide under the guise of “tolerance” and allowed our front door open to any and all….but not noticing that “any” and “all”  have bad, bad things wrapped up within them.

“That was almost 20 years ago, Joey. Nothing has happened since. Look at Pearl Harbor…one time they attacked and that is it.”   We didn’t fight the Japanese for 20+ years.  We ended their raiding parties quick enough and when they refused to surrender, we showed them the full brute force of  America!  We had balls back then. Now, you can’t swat at a fly without some group protesting violence towards insects!

In closing, I ask you to remember, not just those men and women who we all watched die in an instant on 9/11/01, as those planes crashed all over the Eastern seaboard, but to remember the way we all bound together as one Nation, to make sure nothing like this could ever happen again.  Remember the close ups of the towers burning and those people stuck up on the highest floors, waving white clothes in a vain attempt to illicit rescue.  They decided that jumping 90+ stories to the ground would be a quicker and less painful death than burning alive hundreds of feet above the street.  Think, as they fell so quickly, 80 floors, 70,60, 50, that those people had lives.  They had fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters and friends and children…Their only crime was showing up at work that day to earn their American way of life.  Then our soldiers marched to the deserts to bring down a despot and open the doors to freedom for these people.  we stayed so long, not as conquerors but to protect citizens and train new officers and soldiers to be able to do it for themselves.  Our soldiers did the best job they could whether you were for or against the war.  Our soldiers gave up everything, many gave up their lives, to help cool the embers of hatred toward the West, despite the unfavorable outcome of anarchy running rampant in those parts now.  It was the right war against the wrong enemy.  Call it a religion.  Call it an ideology.   Call it whatever you want.  The bottom line here is the institution known as Islam has declared War against America.  These people would gladly grab you out of your home, into the street and publicly behead you just because you are American!   This is not about religion or tolerance, folks….it’s about War….and the only way it can be summed up is in the words of General William Tecumseh Shirman:  War is Hell….and that Hell is knocking on our door….waiting for some gullible, peace loving liberal to open it and welcome them in with open arms……

So, um, When’s the Funeral

I began TruthGasm as an outlet for Truth.  It is to be a place where theories and ideas, based on hard evidence and facts, can be freely discussed and debated/critiqued in order to encourage a constant open mind.  Judgmental, closed minded, self-righteous shenanigans are not welcome and heavily discouraged.

However…(oh, yes, there’s ALWAYS one of them and if it’s coming from Joey Mac, well, i’ll suggest grabbing some popcorn and a large soda)

I am genuinely and considerably dumbfounded by the actions and events as of late.  From a deep, personal matter all the way up to Washington D.C., something has happened that I perceive as a distinct and significant paradigm shift on some plane of existence.  I was almost to the point that the stupidity and ignorance of virtually every single person on the face of the Earth had me speechless;  of course, after 2 breathers from my emergency inhaler and long, hand rolled cig break, i came to my senses….Joey ALWAYS has something to say about EVERYTHING.  In my world, speechless is NOT an option.  Oh, and for the ones who are at this point but still fixating on the paradoxical way my brain works, ie puffing an emergency inhaler then proceeding to smoke a cig, do yourself and all of us a favor and get the hell off of my website!  Did you not read the first paragraph of this blog and/or the About section where i explicitly state that judgmental shenanigans will not be tolerated.  So get over it.  What is it you loud mouthed, attention whore millennials say: YOLO!  Also, i swear i am going to pistol whip the next person who makes me use the word shenanigans!

I digress.  The title of this article is enigmatic, isn’t it? It is making you wonder, i bet!  if you aren’t, then you can take your closed minded shenan…..ahhhhh….caught myself!  Who died, Joey?  What funeral are you referring to? To be honest, I am posting this article because I am not specifcally privy to the exact details.  As such, my fellow Truthers, we can work together to figure out what went wrong, when it went wrong and who is responsible.  It may not be the same for me as it is for you.  This will stimulate a more personal Truth that is custom tailored to fit the Truth inside us all!  I do not look down on anyone for anything…well, usually…therefore i am going to answer all of these nagging questions and calm your mind.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has come to my knowledge that there has been a Death in the Family.  It isn’t a cut and dry death.  This is going to be a lot like a game of Clue…a real whodunnit!    As stated before, I have no body to produce.  The grave marker, however, will not entomb our dearly departed.

So….the big reveal comes, again, in the form of a question and is the unofficial designation for this case:  let us begin Operation: WHO THE FUCK DIED AND PUT YOU IN CHARGE?!?!

Seriously?!  Take some time to consider your immediate surroundings, the activities and events in your social life and, lastly, the world we live in.  Since this is my article, I am going to provide my personal experiences.  I hope they inspire you to really give yourself and who/what means most to you a good looking over.

I have always been told by my personal hero, my father Joe Sr., to be respectful to others, have good manners and never quit.  I will give you a tiny look into the mind of Joey Mac:  I live a rather sheltered life and that is by choice.  There are very few people that i associate with in a physical sense.  On the rare occasion that I am invited out or go out and invite a friend along, I usually accept with open arms.  After the many trials and tribulations I have been through over the last few years, my mind has essentially rewired itself.  in order to adapt to the various forms of trauma suffered in various experiences over an extended period of time.  During my 20 months in exile, I was forced to deal and manage relationships with people I had absolutely no experience in dealing with, ever.  It wasn’t long before my time in exile that I was a student, not an inmate.  I had a roommate, not a cellie.  All You Can Eat, every single meals prepared by professional Chef’s, not soybeans and mystery meat prepared by work release junkies who put gods only know what in it.  Chairman of Campus Safety working with local police departments, not a defendant fighting the police for my life.  Alas, all of my college credits and awards for outstanding history student and accomplishments weren’t going to get me anywhere once that heavy, loud gate slammed behind me and the orange uniform replaced my skinny jeans and polo shirt….and, yeah, i said skinny jeans…and?  I did what I needed to do in order to survive so i chameleoned it.  Observe, observe observe.  Many of the people i dealt with on a daily basis i figured out first because they would be the constants.  Words mean next to nothing in that world.  My eyes were constantly scanning the people, the guards, body language, the location and composition of groups larger than 5 and one of the first things i learned but ended up being one of the most important…when tensions are running high, keep your eyes on the floor.  Not because eye contact will get you killed or anything cliche like that.  It’s all about foot ware.  For example, i would wear these ugly ass white Nikes i bought from some beggar for a soup and an oatmeal so I had something to wear to court, however, 99% of the time i was there, i wore a pair of Adidas sandals.  Most folks, during times of leisure, would be wearing some kind of shower shoe or sandal.  The higher-ups, meaning the dudes who had the power, influence and controlled our own micro economy, these were people who always had their sneakers on.  What’s the significance here?  Rule #1  you don’t fight in sandals. If it’s going down or has potential to pop off, lace up! Funny story, I actually laced up once!  However, it wasn’t to fight.  There was a time of strife between the Whites and Blacks.  Long story short (yeah right), there were 2 groups on the block…the WHites and the Blacks.  Obviously the Whites outnumbered the Blacks by a large margin, however, the blacks made up for it significantly by being smart.  I admired them, especially the 2 main guys who’s names I will not mention out of respect for them.  Without mentioning a specific group, these guys were very well connected. I will come back to my admiration of them and how it affected me a bit later.  Anyway, there was talks of a race riot so i put on my shoes.  A white guy saw me laced up and said “hey man i see you’re laced up, good for you man. You’re with us (the whites) right?”  to which I replied, “oh these?  you’re mistaken. I don’t have these on to fight anyone.  In the rare chance that one of these coal region junkies decides to sign his own death warrant by instigating and causing a race riot, i put my shoes on so i dont slip on my sandals running down the steps, back to my cell to read.”  I said before that I had a great admiration for the blacks and that was in part due to the rapport built with them on the poker table, establishing the exile version of a line of credit and always keeping it perfect and, what I think they respected in me the most of all, I did not try to be someone I wasn’t to try to impress them like several white kid wanna-bes from Sunbury were.  I was nerdy, quirky, could take and give out ball busting, always payed my debts….and, in 85% of the scenarios, always ended up with a very large percentage of their poker chips.

The point of all of this?  The Funeral only happens if you allow someone or something to kill who/what you are.  Be aware of who you surround yourself with and never allow someone in who you are remotely skeptical of.  Trust shouldn’t be given, it should be earned.  We learn nothing by having anything given to us.  When we EARN respect and trust, it is held so much closer to the heart and much is done to not violate or destroy the bond created while building these sacred values.

Opiate Abuse: A Choice, Not A Disease


PICTURE ABOVE: Pictured above is a deadly amount of pure heroin vs a deadly amount of Fentanyl.  Now you can see why so many people are dying from it!

I am a recovering drug addict.  Every once in a while I’ll read an article in the paper about the “opiate epidemic” and how to stop it.  Let’s do this the best way I know how, the Compliment Sandwich!

The Praise: It is to my relief that this problem afflicting the entire country is finally getting some positive exposure showing the addicts and the families that care about them, that there is action being taken to HELP the problem as opposed to the front page headlines showing the Task Force and how they made another “historic” drug bust.  I will get more into the latter issue later.  I want to thank Mr. Kelly for being so involved and being the key official to bring this matter to light the way he has!

The Criticism: The big question here is: how do we solve the opiate epidemic?  From the mind of an addict, the first step is to quit calling it an “epidemic.” According to the dictionary, an epidemic is a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time. In fact, it is often claimed by medical professionals that drug addiction is a “disease.”  What the public is often not made aware of is that a lot of cases of drug abuse occur because of the prior existence of an untreated mental health disorder.  So in reality, we are dealing with self medication due to the inability and/or the lack of services offered to treat the underlying mental health disorder in the first place.   The term “opiate epidemic” is just the same as the “war on drugs;” they are just flashy terms we attach to societal problems in order to bring attention to them.  Think about it; you don’t wake up one day and say “man, I could really go for some Lupus today.”  That sounds ridiculous!  Epidemic infers that the opiate addiction is something that is infectious and is caught by an unsuspecting person as opposed to a choice that people, like myself, make on a daily basis.  I agree that it is a big problem.  The national statistic of all kinds of overdose deaths have risen dramatically over the last decade.  This is not because of some disease, though.  This is largely a result of the additives being mixed in with the heroin.  Fentanyl, for example, is an extremely dangerous opiate that has been being added to the mix.  Don’t get me wrong, fentanyl gives you an incredible rush and high, but at a cost that is as high as the rush you get from doing it. Look at the photo at the top of the page for a comparison between a deadly amount of heroin as opposed to fentanyl.  It will blow your mind!  You can barely see the fentanyl in the jar!  So, if it is so deadly and dangerous, why would people continue to use heroin?  To the average person, they would think it is crazy but what we aren’t told is that the vast majority of people using this heroin/fentanyl combo are getting much more bang for their buck, plus, since they have used it before and are still alive, they don’t even think about it after a while. The only time death is thought about in an addiction is when you wake up dope sick and have no money to get more. That feeling of withdrawal is hell! The only thing you are thinking about is feeling better. So how do we stop it? The answer is simple: quit calling it an epidemic and quit making helpless victims out of addicts.  As stated before, addiction isn’t contagious, it is a choice. Just using the term “opiate epidemic” shows me that there is so little education and knowledge of addiction out there. The public wants to help fix the issue yet praise the police departments for busting all of these dealers by using addicts as informants, thus placing them in a dangerous yet familiar situation.  The dealer gets busted, the addict, instead of going to jail, gets to go back on the streets and the cops get their picture on the front page! The problem there is, the addict is used as bait and when his snitching act is done, he is left on his own to, most likely, go back to using.  As I stated before, a lot of times drug use is brought on by an  often undiagnosed mental health disorder, which could range from simple depression to very complex cases of schizophrenia.  I believe that before any person is recruited by the police department, they should have to undergo a mental health examination to ensure that they are not being taken advantage of by the manipulation of the police department, which is no different than the manipulation of the dealer towards the addict.   I am not a fan of snitches, as I feel if you do the crime, you do the time, however, my opinion on it isn’t going to stop the cops from using them to show the public that all the money they get in grants to buy their assault rifles and SWAT trucks is well spent. If it is going to be done, why not help them?  Make part of their contract they sign include a trip to a long term rehab facility in order to do their part in helping addicts get better?  Same thing with probation officers.  Addict shows up, gives a hot urine test, he goes to jail for a few months until his revocation hearing, THEN he gets paroled to a facility that doesn’t have the best track record for success. By the time he even gets to see a Judge, he has gone through the withdrawal, has been hanging out with his fellow addicts, learning about new drugs on the street that don’t show up in urine tests or easier, legal ways to obtain the drugs they want. Going to rehab, at that point, is pointless.  They have already done the dope sick thing, they have established new connects while in jail and often would rather sit and max out their sentence than be linked to a probation/parole agency that will lock you up for even looking at them wrong.  Too much power, not enough education and/or empathy.  On top of that, the rehabs that are usually available to the penniless, indigent drug addict, are 6 month programs in the middle of Harrisburg, right In the middle of the drug corridor.  If they haven’t found a source for drugs by themselves in the first week, they will meet someone else who has the source. If you can’t tell by now, it’s a vicious cycle.

What can probation/parole do?  I know when I had to go into that office every month, even though I was clean and was doing everything I was supposed to, there was still that inherit fear; walking into the belly of the beast, where often, people come in and do not come out.  The PO does 3 things: 1) are you clean, 2) are you paying your fines, 3) come in next month.  What if I am dirty?  What if I did slip up?  Recovery isn’t as easy of a process as it seems.  Since the Establishment is hell bent on using medical terms on choices people make, I will compare recovery to a major surgery.  Sometimes people go through it, recover in no time and BOOM they are all better.  However, sometimes, infections develop or blood clots form. Then what is done?  Relapse can be seen as the same thing as developing an infection during surgery.  So, then, why should the addict be placed in jail for a hot urine test, where the above cycle will surely take place, as opposed to offering him help?  In many other places around the country, especially in big cities, a POs job is to help monitor the progress of their parolee, and help them when they are down. They are not there to bust them every single time they trip up.  They aren’t the Gestapo!  In this county, for people in that life style, it is a lot like Gestapo tactics: fear, intimidation and, of course, Dr. Goebbel’s infamous “Loose Lips Sink Ships.”  A whisper from anyone on the street who has a problem with someone on parole or probation, can lead to serious consequences for that person, no matter how untrue it might be. Believe me, I have been convicted in the court of public opinion based solely on the whispers of some other addicts who wanted to shorten their sentences.  Despite what you might here, folks, it DOES happen! The fix?  Train the POs to be more empathetic, educate them on addiction and how it affects the addict and their family, show compassion instead of intimidation, that way if a parolee messes up, he feels safe knowing he can go to his PO and that his PO will HELP him and not throw him away and forget about him for a few months.

One last problem I will discuss is the existence of Pill Mills.  You know what I am referring to: The Doc that everyone goes who uses his MD to write scripts for so many people who really do not need it.  I personally know examples of ridiculous amounts of opiate pain killers being handed out to people who have absolutely no reason to be on them!  30s, 15s, 10s, all in one office visit!  How is this allowed to happen?  The medical community is so caught up in their politically correct wording that they do not even realize that a HUGE problem is within their own field!  How do we solve this?  SHUT THESE PILL MILLS DOWN! Lock the doctors up, the same as drug dealers! They should be treated no different! To the contrary, they should be treated worse!  They have taken their position of power influence and used it to start and encourage the use and abuse of Prescription Pain Killers in order to profit financially, and from what I have heard about certain ones, in many other “personal” ways as well!  Plaster their faces on the front page of the Item like they do with all the rest! Cornell DeValle, found guilty of delivery of less than 3 grams of cocaine and was sentenced to 30 years in state prison (after 2 purposeful mistrials by the Northumberland County Das office, mind you)!  Neil Neidig was found guilty of a ton of charges related to the purchase and distribution of marijuana. He got roughly, 25-50 years in state prison. I am not saying either of these men are angels.  I did, however, get to know them in my time locked up fighting my own case, and can tell you that the sentences given to both of these men are, firstly, insane, in the sense that Mr. DeValle and Mr. Neidig got more time than some murderers!  Mr. Neidig, whether you love him or hate him, sure, was caught with a lot of marijuana, however, we live in a country now where more and more states are legalizing the use of marijuana for medical and recreational use!  Who was Mr. Neidig endangering by associating with a drug that has no negative effects such as addiction, and, to the contrary, actually helps a lot of people who are in pain or suffer from a variety of mental and physical conditions.  Mr. Neidig will never see the outside of a prison cell again…yet, in my honest opinion, he could have been part of the solution!  Marijuana is a lot safer, healthier and not addicting as opposed to the opiates that the Doctor Run Pill Mills have no problem feeding their suffering and a lot of the times, patients who aren’t suffering whatsoever!  Mr. DeValle, while it is alleged he was dealing a dangerous drug and if he is truly guilty of the crime of which he was convicted, then he should do time(I got to read over most, if not all, of his Discovery Package and to me it seemed that he was not guilty and set up by a bad person who had his own rap to shake loose.)  Mr. DeValle was offered 6 months of probation before his trial, which he turned down, because he wanted to prove his innocence. After 2 mistrials, as I stated above, he was found guilty and will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison…for less than 3 grams of cocaine!  Meanwhile, Dr. Pill Mill is out there hooking and exploiting his patients, feeding them insane and massive amounts of opiate medication, in a lot of cases where it isn’t even necessary but I am sure some of them have their “personal” reasons and motivations as to why they prescribe to some of the people they do!  50 years for a harmless, in many cases beneficial, plant.  30+ years for less than 3 grams of cocaine. Doc gets to be a public servant, a pillar of the community, a trusted and admired member of the community, when it should be THESE DRUG DEALERS serving them sentences!  Mr. DeValled got 30+ years for one alleged delivery…I wonder how many years these docs would get for the hundreds, if not thousands, of scripts they have written to patients who are in no way shape or form in need of these powerful narcotics, yet receive multiple prescriptions for them, on top of many other Narcotics that are handed out on top of the opiates, i.e. Benzodiazepines.  A lot of people do not even realize that this is going on!  Hell, many people probably go to these doctors and do not even realize that they are letting a drug dealer examine them!

There are many other options I could put forth that I feel would help put a dent in this nation wide issue.  We must be OK with the fact that we will not ever stop it.  There will always be a dealer and he/she will always have demand. Capitalism at its darkest!  These are just a few and, in my opinion, the biggest problems to overcome in order to start getting this opiate issue under control.  In some states, they have safe havens where addicts can go, get clean needles, and use without fear of retribution.  They are in the care of medical staff in case of overdose.  Maybe that is something we can look into and encourage here!  Maybe, instead of trying to get rid of the problem that will never go away, maybe we can begin to actually help the addicts in a clean, safe and healthy environment.  Promote ending the addiction but if it must continue, at least we can say we did our part to ensure that another life hasn’t become a statistic.

Love Goes By The Name of Lydia

By: Joey McGinley, founder of TruthGasm

July 14th, 2010. 2:09 PM.  Janet Weiss Children’s Hospital.

It was on that date, time and place that a True beauty was brought into this world but with her also came the greatest enigma of my life.  This article isn’t about aliens or Kennedy or Sasquatch; no, it is more personal than that and indeed a mystery that only Truth can solve.  I appreciate you taking the time to read this, as it is not about me;  it is the story of a little girl names Lydia Eileen McGinley and how her forced absence in my life has changed me as a man.

Our “justice” system is wrong.  I do not know whether you, Dear Reader, have ever had to go in front of a Judge and have him ruin your life but I can tell you, from experience, it is not a jovial matter, ESPECIALLY when you are involved in a situation where the game is rigged against you.

For 4 years I fought for Lydia.  20 months I spent locked away in the dungeon our officials called the “county prison,” kind of worked against me however it is not like i chose to be there.  At that time I was fighting my case, trying to get out and focus on getting my Daughter back.  “Mom” had quit a long time before that.  What a waste.  She had so much potential to be a great house wife, mother and friend.  One of the most bright and inquisitive women I have ever met in my life.  In fact, Dear Reader, if not for her, Truthgasm may not even exist.  Sure, I was into all that stuff but it was her that really opened my eyes.  Indeed she did have the potential to be a star; instead her light began to flicker mere weeks into my 20 month odyssey into the corruption and hypocrisy of the “Judicial System” you all put your faith into.

Whether I was sitting in my cell late at night, with my 25 cent radio they made us pay $26 for in Commissary listening to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory or planted at the Poker table betting torn up card as chips for Ramen Noodles and stamped envelopes, I always had Lydia on my mind. At the end of Jan. 2011., now President Judge, Charles Saylor, had signed off on a court order removing Lydia from the foster home and placing her with her mom’s  cousin who also was a foster home.  We felt, as did Northumberland County Children and Youth, that Kinship, as they call it, was a better option than placing her with complete strangers.  I knew the game was rigged on Feb. 14th, 2011.  That was the day of my family’s own Valentine’s Day Massacre in Courtroom 3 at the Northumberland County Courthouse.  C&Y, the Guardian ad litem, her mom and I were all under the impression that this was just routine to make her Kinship official.

Unbeknownst to anyone, the Foster people showed up with their OWN lawyer as well!  They had NO RIGHT being in the courtroom yet they force Lydia, who, due to PA law, always had to be in the courtroom during proceedings, and her Kinship father to sit in the hallway so that they could argue their “right” to Lydia since they had “formed a bond” with her.    C&Y caseworkers, supervisors, lawyers were all stunned.  They had no idea this was happening.  Remember, Lydia was 7 months old that day and had been with that Family on and off as much as she was with us. “Formed a bond?” Collectively, they had her about 2 out of her 7 months of life.  This isn’t a 7 year old kid we are talking about. Hell, at this point, Lydia didn’t even have knee caps!!!  She couldn’t talk, she couldn’t walk, she couldn’t feed herself…how in the hell can it be said that Lydia formed this so-called “bond” with these people when Lydia wasn’t able in any way shape or form able to communicate those feelings back?  No, Dear Reader, what happened here is a well off family saw an opportunity to steal a child from one of the peasants because of the money she would bring in to their home.  Lydia had been diagnose with a condition that I will not even begin to spell because it is ridiculously long and confusing.  In laments terms, the 2 plates in the front of her skull fused in the womb and needed to be separated by means of cosmetic surgery.  How does that help the Foster folks financially?  Well, not only would they be getting a big fat check from the state for her every month but they ALSO would get more than usual due to her “disability.”  I would really like to know the Foster folk’s financial situation from July 2010 until February 2011.  What was their real motive here?  They claim to be a Christian family yet here is a Father, that they personally got to know over a few months, begging to have his Daughter come home yet they stood firm on their pedestal laughing the whole time at my useless attempts to get her back.  Speaking of which, about 5 month’s after i got out of jail, my caseworker at the time, Leslie, sat on my couch in my living room going over routine paperwork and the Permanency Plan, looked me dead in the eye and said “Joe, you can take all the classes you want and fight as hard as you want but Lydia is never going to be with you.”  Is it not their job to reunite families who bust their ass to better themselves and make progress?  The big thing going against me, which also will show you the absolute corruption these people spew out, was a pieces of paper that spelled out the progress I was making towards getting Lydia back.  This would be read by the Judge and his determination would be greatly influenced by it.  It stated, “is in LOW compliance with the permanency plan in that he has taken the classes recommended by this agency however he has not demonstrated the skills learned in those classes.”  I am just curious as to how ANYONE can “demonstrate the skills learned in those classes” when you, personally, are ensuring I never get visitation with my daughter in the first place?!?!?!?!?  My life is and always will be, like the permanency order I just described to you, a giant paradox.

There was another party involved in the decision making process and their organization was called CASA, or Court Appointed Special Advocate.  These people were volunteers, had no training or skills necessary to be able to influence a Judge and possibly ruin a family, yet they were given as much say, or, in this case, significantly more say than the people at C&Y and the Guardian ad litem who, mind you, is now the District Attorney of our county!  It was also found out that the CASA people shared the same office and sat within inches of Judge Saylor!  Corruption much?

When it came time for the judge to ask what the recommendations were, C&Y, the Caseworker, the Supervisor and the Guardian ad Litem, all trained professionals who have been doing their jobs for years, all recommended Lydia remain in Kinship.  However, the CASA lady’s opinion was that Lydia was “better suited” with the foster folks than the Kinship family.  Now, I don’t know about you, but when I make a comparison between two different things, they are always things that I know of and/or have experienced in life at some point.  In this case, the comparison is that Lydia fits better with the Foster Folks than the Kinship family.  The kicker here is that CASA had never been to nor had they ever been in contact with the Kinship family to observe Lydia in their home or to see how Lydia fit in with the family!  I can tell you that since then, I have stayed in touch with the Kinship family and have seen them work with many Foster kids over the last few years.  There was no better place for Lydia in this world at that time than with her Family!  However, CASA disagreed and recommended the Judge vacate his order and return Lydia to the Foster folks immediately.  Their lawyer spoke up and told the judge how much of a bond the Foster people had formed with her and that they love her so much and since they had her for a period of time, they deserved to have her back.  Much was made of the fact that, at the time, I did not know either of the Kinship parents, despite them being Lydia’s mom’s cousins, and that it had been a while since her Mom had any contact with them.  Um, what?  How does that even matter?  Why does that even matter?  I hadn’t had contact with the Foster family either so….???

Finally, it was time for the Judge’s decision.  He concluded that when he signed the temporary order to have Lydia moved from Foster to Kinship, he must have been having a busy day and did not remember signing it.  Sorry, Judge Saylor, but that is the most ridiculous shit i have ever heard…well, up to THAT point, i mean.  “I don’t remember signing it.”  Think about that for a second…go ahead, I’ll wait……………ok, now here comes some brutal, honest Truth: Sorry Charlie, but  what the Fuck does that even mean?  Who gives a shit if you do not remember signing it.  You sign tons of court orders every week so i am SURE that you do not remember every one of them.  What is your problem, not paying attention to your work?!  If I sign a contract with you, Dear Reader, to purchase your Car and 2 weeks later you come to be about fulfilling that contract but I say I do not remember signing it, does that mean it doesn’t matter at all? This can go one of two ways: This Judge is LITERALLY admitting in open court that he was/is signing court orders without even reading them OR he is reading them and signing them routinely however in the meantime an outside influence, maybe CASA who shared an office with him or maybe the Foster folks/their attorney, had a private little chit chat on the side, outside of open court and influenced him to change his mind.  Either one is, to put it bluntly, either absolute laziness or absolute corruption but they BOTH are absolute criminal matters/ abuse of their power.  At last, the Judge had ruled that he did not remember signing the order and, as such, vacated the order, remanded Lydia back with the Foster folks and terminated our visitation.  This was the beginning of the end of my struggle.  From that day forward, I was given a new caseworker, who was mentioned above as Leslie.  She was a stone cold, heartless bitch.  She did’t care about Lydia or my family.  She was pissed that I would not quit.  She tried many times, while I was in jail and after i got out, to get me to sign my rights away to Lydia.  Every time i told them thanks for the toilet paper!  She, nor did the Agency, like the fact that this peasant is semi-educated and was not going to go down without a fight.  In the end, even my lawyer fell victim to the corruption by not listening to any of my solidly reviewed/well researched requests and finally backing me into a corner to where I had no choice but to sign that toilet paper.

This was an injustice.  A miscarriage of justice.  This situation has destroyed me mentally.  In fact, I started Truthgasm to try and get my mind focused on other topics.  Here I am, almost 2 years after i handed them what they wanted and I still not over it.  Not a day goes by that I do not think about Lydia and the life we should have had together.  I am not rich.  I can’t afford Disney World.  Hell, I could barely afford Knoebels!  Life, though, isn’t about what one can and cannot afford.  Life is about Love.  Those four letters have more meaning than any other combination of letters in any language or alphabet.  Those four letters are what keep me going.  It seems as of late that Love has been twisted, distorted or completely diluted to mean something else entirely.  Some guys beat up their female companions out of love.  Some people tell every person they talk to that they love them.  Some folks say they love someone yet secretly they are seeing someone else and telling them the same thing.  Some parents tell their kids they love them yet hurt them in the most brutal and inhumane fashions possible.  Lydia has shown me what Love really is.  Love is what drove me to fight so hard for her despite being told I would never see her again.  Love is what caused me to stay up countless nights reviewing Federal, State and case law in order to take the fight to them.  Love is kept me from ending my own life many times over many years.  It is absolutely mind blowing how a child, my own child, has reshaped my mind and shown me things that in my previous 26 years I had never knew were possible.

Lydia, sadly, is living a lie.  The Foster folks are lying to her.  Every time Lydia calls Susie, the female foster lady, “mommy,” she is allowing Lydia to play into her lie.  Every time she or any of them tell Lydia they “love” her, they are lying to her.  How can you Love someone when you are lying to them every single day?  How can you look your stolen child in the eye knowing that you stole her from a person who fought so hard to get her home, where she belongs?  That is not Love…based on my observations during the last 6 years, I have determined that it is nothing more than greed and vanity.  Am I honored by the fact that MY child was such a highly coveted prize to complete strangers?  Sure…in it’s own, quirky way, I am. That doesn’t make it better.  What does make it better is knowing that no matter what they change her name to, no matter how many lies they tell her, no matter how many years they will get to experience all the memories I should be experiencing, that blood that runs through her veins is McGinley blood.  Those genes that make up her chromosomes are mine.  Those cells that fit together to make Lydia who she is are mine!  They cannot take that from us!  They cannot take the few but precious memories we had together.

Lydia’s mom and I are very open minded and inquisitive thinkers.  That most definitely passed on to my Liddie Bittie.  Take that and couple it with the fact that she looks nothing like anyone in that “family” and one day she is going to look in the mirror and ask herself, “who am i?”  The seed has already been planted.  At a court hearing, of which the time and date allude me at the moment, the judge personally referred to me as “Lydia’s Biological Father” to which I replied “yes sir, I am the Biological AND Rightful father of that little girl right there, of Lydia Eileen McGinley” at which time I turned around and pointed at Lydia, who’s eyes met mine as a confused look came upon her face.  I then heard Lydia ask Susie, ” Mommy, is that really my Daddy?” to which Susie quickly brushed it off and told her to be quiet.  Several times after that I turned around to see Lydia standing and staring at me.  A little off subject but I am always told how beautiful my eyes are. I never noticed because I don’t see them a lot but when I do in, say, a mirror or a picture, they always look normal to me.  Taking it back to Lydia and her stare, it was at that moment i understood what countless people have told me over the years about my own eyes.  Her eyes pierced my mind and my soul and filled me with such an overwhelming feeling of Love and confusion that I will never forget.  You never realize when moments you will remember your entire life are going to happen and that moment is one I will never forget.  THAT was the planting of the seed.  She was four years old at the time.  Sure, that is young, but if she has the same memory her Daddy has, which was often referred to as “the memory of an elephant,” she is always going to remember the day where that man sat in that chair and told everyone in that room that he was her REAL Daddy.

They say that Love conquers all.  In my case, it wasn’t enough to bring my Lydia home.  It wasn’t enough for a fair fight.  It wasn’t even good enough for a 1 hour visit every two weeks in an 8X10 room.  All of that doesn’t matter anymore.  What does matter is that Love has kept me going.  Love has kept me alive.  Love has given me faith that the seed that was planted, in combination with the open mindedness she inherited from her mother and father, will bring her home one day.  Love has given me the strength to type these words and tell this story to anyone who is willing to take the time to learn about our struggle.  They also say that the Internet is forever.  Indeed I could go back right now and find silly websites friends and I made 15 years ago….in this case, it is only a handful of years until the Internet will be at Lydia’s fingertips….maybe she is reading this right now!  If you are, Lydia, I want to thank you for keeping your Daddy going.  All the time lost will not matter when the time comes that you are ready to learn the Truth and start all over again!

I Love You Lydia Eileen McGinley and always believe that Love conquers all!